Operation Freedom Paws Dog Wash

This last weekend, the Ripple team was privileged enough to attend the Operation Freedom Paws Dog Wash. At this event we not only accomplished the goal of raising money for their services and training, but we also formed many new relationships with our new furry pals.

Many times we might find ourselves discouraged to help others because we might feel restrained by economic hardships, personal struggles or outside problems. Yet, we do not have  to let these issues deter us from lending a helping hand. There are many other ways that we can help make a difference. We can donate some of our time to volunteering at soup kitchens, nursing homes or local non-profits. Going out, making ourselves present, lending a helping hand and even building relationships with these people that most of the time need it the most.

Giving money isn't the only way to help others out. Though it does help organization push forward and gain better resources, sometimes just giving your time can make the greatest difference. It can bring a smile to a childs face, help someone feel safe, hear, and even accomapied. Sometimes all one needs is a friend.  It only takes one to change someone else day and create a ripple effect.

It was an honor being apart of such a great event and watching our small, yet growing efforts pay off. What will you do next you have some extra free time? 

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