"Speak up. Believe in yourself. Take risks.":

- Sheryl Sandburg

To be happy in life, you must stand up for yourself and believe in yourself. If someone is treating you unfairly, or treating someone else unfairly, speak up. Standing up to someone who is doing wrong will help you and others be happier. You also have to believe in yourself, and in others. Giving people confidence through gratitude and praise will make a world of difference in their attitude and work ethic. Raising others up is beneficial for everyone.

Taking (good) risks is also essential. Sometimes risk taking is scary, that's normal. But taking risks is what causes us to grow and develop. If you succeed, you've conquered your fears and made your way up. If you don't succeed, you've learned what not to do and are ready to try again. Encouraging those around you and yourself to take risks will lead to growth and ingenuity.

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