Ripple helps to change Gondo's Life in Zimbabwe

We recently received a letter from Children's Hunger Fund about the impact we've made from our charity t-shirt donations. We found out about a man named Gondo in Zimbabwe who, through our contributions, we have contributed to make a difference in his life. 

Check out his story below:

Thank you so much for your support of CHF! You help struggling families, like Gondo’s family in Zimbabwe. Gondo was a drug addict who drove his family into poverty in order to support his addiction. There seemed to be no hope for the family until a local pastor visited with a Food Pak and the gospel message. Gondo received the gospel and was a changed man. He was eventually able to beat his addiction and can now support his family. He even delivers Food Paks to neighbors in need! Thank you for helping deliver this hope!


Susan Vicaña

Donor Development Associate



  • Chris Spohr

    This is so heartwarming. Knowing Ripple is making a difference in the world is amazing and should encourage others to do the same. Ripple sets an example that society as a whole should follow. Great story!

  • Andrea Lopez

    It’s so amazing that Ripple is making a global impact already! Ripple just launched this year and is getting such great personal feedback from the people they have helped.

  • Sara Blawski

    Not only are the Ripple designs cool, but the difference they help make in people’s lives is remarkable. The best part of this company is the positive impact it makes every day.

  • Jacob Holm

    This is such an incredible letter! The impact Ripple is making on people all around the world is truly remarkable. It’s beautiful to see how Ripple is continuing to be a positive influence on society and change the lives of people we may never come to meet.

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