Now a Member of the Chamber of Commerce


Ripple is now officially apart of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to the kindness of the Chamber's CEO in Mark Turner, Ripple was granted a chance to receive the full member benefits that come with being a member. 

At the 2015 February Monthly Meeting, Ripple was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Membership Plaque for recognition of becoming a member. Our founder, Gianfranco, received the plaque on behalf of Ripple. 

Gianfranco was also given a chance to speak at the meeting in which he gave a 30 second speech on what Ripple does and how the company works. Explaining the importance of having a social good company using charity t-shirts, many of the members attending the meeting where not only impressed but happy to help in anyway that they could. Ripple couldn't be happier to be part of such a great group. 


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