Meet Neil Patel - Named Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30 by President Obama


Meet Neil Patel, one of the most influential online entrepreneurs on the web today. Some of his notable accomplished is Forbes calling him a Top 10 Marketer, being a named a Top 100 Entrepreneur under 30 by President Obama, and a Top 100 Entrepreneur under 35 by the United Nations. He started a venture-backed customer analytic company called KISSmetrics, and works with companies such as General Motors, Amazon, HP, and NBC. You can catch more about what he has to say about Search Engine Optimization, gaining following on social media sites, and driving traffic and getting conversions for your website. Check out his insightful blog at 

This week I had a chance to interview Neil with some questions that I had for him. Check out my questions for him and his responses below.  

1.  If you could receive 10% of someone's income for the rest of their life who has no business experience, and the only advice and interference you could give were three book recommendations, which would they be? 

their parents are rich. ;-)


If they weren’t, the books I would give them are:

·         The Art of the Start – talks about how hard it is to create a company.

·         The Dip – this books tells you when to stick and when to quit.

·         The Lean Startup – and this book breaks down to be more efficient .

2.What is the best marketing strategy for a crowdfunding campaign
in order for it to reach maximum press exposure? 

Once you release your campaign on Kickstarter or any crowdfunding platform, I would
focus on social shares. From sharing it on your profiles to getting your
friends to share it, it really all adds up.

I would also hit up a few big bloggers and pitch them on the story and see if they
would blog.

By doing grassroots type of marketing you should gain traction on your crowdfunding

3.   For young entrepreneurs looking to start a business, what is your first suggestion to them that will ensure their success? 

Focus on solving a problem. If your business doesn’t solve a problem, it won’t be popular. And ideally, make your solution simple and affordable.

4.   What is the best way for young adults to try to convince people
of your caliber to mentor them? 

You shouldn’t try and convince anyone. Instead you should just show them that you are smart, experienced, and you’ve learned a lot through your journey. You can’t
force people to work with you.

5.   What is the best piece of advice you can offer to someone who
has just started out blogging? 

Keep cranking out blog posts on a consistent basis. Without consistency you’ll find that your blog won’t be popular at all..

In conclusion, Neil offers some great insight based on his past successful experiences.

From my personal experience, his book recommendations are very well founded.

  •  The Art of the Start by Guy Kawiskaki is one of the most intriguing books based on the experiences of a former Chief Evangelist for Apple and former venture capitalist. The book overviews the right way to give presentations, how to position your business product or services, how to get funding, and how to compose yourself during an interview. It even explains how to bootstrap yourself into a successful company. Great recommendation. 
  •  The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries is an interesting book that overviews the concepts of how to start with a low budget and use that to accomplish your ultimate vision. It goes through the past experiences of the author in his time as a program developer and how he saw the importance of starting with a bad product then using the reactions from their customers to shape the future of the company's course. 

The Crowdfunding advice. 

  • Although his advice is relatively fundamental and basic, there is a huge advantage in getting blog support and shares toward funding your campaign. Although this is the case, the biggest thing to understand is your position and your value to the customer. Always look at that your are offering in the perspective of the person you are trying to influence! 
  • One resource that I would highly recommend is Tim Ferris' Hacking Kickstarter Blog Post. Its one of the best posts on getting press for kickstarter and the comments have a ton of hidden value if you take the time to check them out. 

Starting a Business

  • Neil recommends that you focus on solving a problem. It's probably the most essential thing to understand when you are starting a business, yet a lot of people overlook this and wonder why they fail. One you have a simple problem-solution equation to your business - START. The time to start a business will never be right, so you need to show your initiative as an individual and entrepreneur if you truly want to be successful and so something you are passionate for. 

Getting Mentoring

  • Neil is right, you shouldn't have to force people to want to work with you, but you have to make yourself worth helping. Someone mentoring another is like a unpaid part-time job that they have to take on, who would do that? Make yourself valuable to the other party, and show them how you can be an asset to them in the future with your potential and work ethic. 


  • The internet is saturated with repeated, and unfortunately, unhelpful content on how to create an awesome blog. Neil suggests you be consistent and continue posting. In his experience, he didn't have any comments or readers for a year after starting his blog. It's a matter of persistence and determination to see the value in gaining an audience for you blog little by little. 

Check out more about Neil on his website here. 

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