How Meditating Will Change Your Life [Infographic]


Meditation, vice or virtue? Harmful or helpful? Useless or useful? Meditation is making tidal waves in the population although it's been a common practice in Eastern Religion for centuries past. Check out how meditation can help change your life with this infograph.


Meditation has a lot of benefits, but how can it benefit you? 

  1. Focus
    • A study was done between how many thoughts average people have per day compared to wealthy, more success individuals. In the end, average people had on often 50,000 thoughts per day whereas a successful person will have only 25,000 thoughts per day. Mediation removes senseless chatter of the mind. People that mediate have a more definitive, focused mentality. 
  2. Sports
    • As any athlete knows, being focused and immersed into the game is the difference between becoming a great athlete and becoming an average one. Practicing meditation not only forces you to focus on a single act, but it gives your mind and body a chance to experience a controlled sense of flow. Flow is the perfect energy and mindlessness that occurs when you are playing at your peak performance. By meditating, you can more easily enter flow. 
  3. Moments of Anger 
    • With meditation, you force yourself to remove the thoughts that enter your mind. In doing so, you begin to feel this encompassing peace. This translates into other aspects of life. Because you are forcing to be in control of your mind, this gives you a chance to be in control of your emotions in times when anger and other negative emotions would come up. 
  4. Well-Being
    • As you'll see in the infographic, meditation helps to increase self-awareness and your self-esteem. For those that have large amounts of stress, meditation helps to increase relaxation and improve your mentality about certain outcomes. This leads to better acceptance of major issues that will arise. 
  5. Being Able to Deal with Anything 
    • As you become more in control of your thoughts, you'll also be more in control of your reactions. This in gives you a chance to take a step back of any negative circumstance in your life and see it from an area of a more calm, rational place of mind. 

How Can I Start?

Meditation is best practiced over time. Meditation is the act of slowing down your thoughts and focusing on your breathing. Find yourself a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and sit in an upright position. Begin with 4 seconds on inhaling, 4 second of holding your breath, and 4 seconds of exhale with continuous repetition for the allotted time. 

The best way is to practice over a 17 week time period. 

  1. Begin week 1 with 3 minutes of meditation per day. 
  2. Begin week 2 with 4 minutes of meditation per day. 
  3. Begin week 3 with 5 minutes of meditation per day. 
  4. Continue this until you reach 20 minutes of habitual meditation per day. 

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