Interview with New York Times Best Seller Chris Brogan

Last week I had the chance to interview a New York Times Best Selling Author, Chris Brogan. I messaged Chris on Twitter, and thanks to him being interested in Ripple, he agreed to give me some insight I thought would be interesting to pass along to you.



A little about Chris: He is a New York Times Best Selling Author having written over eight books about marketing and business strategy. He is currently a business consultant and has clients that include Google, Cisco, Disney, Coke, and Microsoft. He was on the Dr. Phil Show and is listed as Forbes Must Follow Marketing Minds.

Check out some of the insight he gave me below: 

What made social media marketing so attractive to you?

"It was free and easy and allowed me to connect with people who I otherwise might not have been able to reach."

What has been your most memorable connection that you made from social media?

"I’ve had many great opportunities to connect with people via digital platforms. Anyone from Sir Richard Branson to Tony Robbins to Tom Peters and all my other legends have readily connected and interacted with me."

What was the hardest obstacle in getting published?

"Anyone can publish. Push publish and you’re up online. The biggest obstacle is doing something valuable. If you mean via the mainstream, all they want is a big audience for your book. If you’ve got that, you’ve got a book deal."

What type of networking advantages has becoming an New York Times Best Selling Author given you?

"Networking? Not exactly sure. Business? Tons. I’ve made a few million dollars for my company based on that label."

What’s the biggest tip or set of advice you could give any millennial either doing a start-up or working to be successful in social media marketing?

"Work hard and be helpful. NEVER be a “social media marketer” unless you like being unemployed."

Chris is the CEO for Owner Media Group. Visit his website

In conclusion, social media can be an excellent platform in connecting with some of the most followed thought leaders in the world. In terms of getting published, if you truly have something of value that you want to share with the world, and like Chris said, have a massive targeted audience and you'll have a chance to get published. In addition, his career advice is huge: don't be a social media marketer, only use social media as an asset to advance yourself and your motives. Lastly, be helpful. This is one of the most important things you can take away from this interview. Becoming successful comes with adding value to people's live as well as seeking to making a long lasting difference in the lives of others. If you do this, you truly will become successful.

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