Can A T-Shirt End Sex Trafficking?

A featured t-shirt on Threadless shows how a simple design can have a big impact on how we look at sex trafficking and it's effect on women. 

Threadless is an online community that picks some of the best t-shirt designs and puts them up for sale. The designer mostly creates their work for massive audience exposure and that's even how Ripple found a few designs for it's charity t-shirt program. 

This shirt is inspiring to say the least. One of the stand-outs about this particular design that makes it great is the name, "Freed." The design depicts a girl in a bird cage that symbolizes the bondage that a girl would feel as they are forced into prostitution. The doves, which symbolize peace, show how these girls who had lost their identity can be both hopeful and happy for the future. 


One of the cool things about Threadless is that they have a "Cause" category for their t-shirts. In this case, they provide 25% of the profit from each sale to support the DNA Foundation'smission to end child sex slavery and human trafficking. Not only are they creating awareness of humanitarian issues, but which just the purchase of a t-shirt, they empower us to make a difference, too. 

Each year, human trafficking produces over $9.5 billion in revenues to groups that exploit young women. Even within the United States, over 300,000 children are at risk for being prostituted. Even more horrifying, the average girl is forced to have sex 20 to 48 times per day.

Make a difference today. Don't let the voices of these girls go unheard. 

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