Maintaining Your Peace

As the end of the school year approaches... in come running the final projects and test. Having to scavenge for the last bits of energy and knowledge, we tough it out... even if that means completing the work the night before. 

Doing our best to avoid anymore freakout and stress pimples, it still seems inevitable. But, no need to fear, I am here to give you a few pointers on how to keep your cool. 

1. New Focus

Many times, when we find ourselves in stress, we tend to replay what has gone wrong or what can go wrong over and over again in our mind. Instead of focusing on the bad, turn your attention to something else. Take a moment to walk away from the situtation and take a breathe. Giving yourslf the moment to take a breathe, allows your nervous system to calm down as does your brain. Helping one come back to the situation with a clearer mind and patience. 

2. Snack Healthy 

Another tendencies most of us want to resort to in times of stress, is snacking. Not just the regular old snacking, but the kind where we indugle in the greasiest, crunchiest, deep fried and sweet foods out there. We must say...No more! It's times like these that we must be even more faithful to our healthy foods. The delicious and devilshing food we want to resort to only spike our glucose levels. It makes us more nervous and jittery than we were before. When foods like fruits actually work to decrease stress-induced hormones and calm us down. 

3. Exercise

Instead of taking it our on our loved ones when we are stresed, take it out on the gym (or go out and exercise).  Leave all the jitters and stress in your next workout. Working out helps balance stress hormones. When we experience stress, the rest of our body feels the impact as well. We begin to feel fatigued, weary and unable to concentrate, but when we begin to gain some movement, our body releases endorphines that give us energy. Reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and enhancing overall cognitive function, so next time you are feeling oerwhelming, hit the gym or enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Get active.

Dont let a little bit of stres bring you down. Stay in control. 

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