Why Young Adults Should Vote

A seemingly common factor in young adults is apathy towards politics. Yes, it is definitely a controversial subject to discuss, but it is also an important one. We are on the cusp of another election to pick a brand new president. We are also on the cusp of one of the most unique elections in our history. Young people are engaging in politics on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. It's great to see that people have interest in current events and spreading information is a great thing. But, what becomes an issue is when people think that posting information or their opinions is enough. Young people consistently have the lowest voter turnout. What we need is for each and every person to actually go down to the polls and vote. Whoever the next president is, their actions and policies will affect us for many years to come, so we should all be actively involved in choosing who he or she will be.

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